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Buzz Magnets

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CNY ¥ 0.16 / pc

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1000 pc

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Product Description

Singing magnets are two finely polished, high powered, oval shaped magnets made of hematite. Take the magnets to your hand and separate from each other - just keep some small space between them. Then throw them in the air. The two strong magnets fly and collide. When the magnets collide in the air you can listening very interesting buzzy sound. Not only kids will enjoy lot of fun with these magnets, but also it is suitable gift as an gadget for adults too! Buzz magnets are not only a toy, but you can found with them some educational benefits too. For example With these super strong magnets you can easy demonstrate the power of magentic fields. On the market you can found this product with different name too as Chirping Magnets.

Buzz Magnets promotion gift

Buzz magnets are very popular toy for kids and young man too. The material hematite from which are made the buzz magnets is very low cost material and finaly buzz magnets are very cheaper item too. We recommend use the buzz magnet as an promotion gift, because it is very valuable magnetic toy suitable to the neocube. Sell the neocube and give valuable gift for free - it will give power and increase your selling.

Product Description

  • product weight 64g ( 2 pcs, magnet size 45x16mm )
  • packing bulk in opp bag
  • packing size 45x32mm
  • carton qty 144pcs, ( 2 magnets - set )
  • carton size 20x18x10cm
  • carton weight - G.W. 10.20kg


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