• magnetic Beauty Roller & stick
  • magnetic Beauty Roller & stick
  • magnetic Beauty Roller & stick

magnetic Beauty Roller & stick

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Product Description

To improve your skin's whiteness by using this tool for just 9 minutes a day, you can get a slim and young face. Why? The reason is because of the semiconductor ceramics. When you are massaging your face using this tool, the semiconductor inside will stimulate and enhance the metabolism of your skin. Through this, you will experience a massage just like 'Piano Touch' of the aesthetician. Of course, this tool is also used in the high class salon and aesthetician. To get a slim and healthy face at home, it is just that easy.
Detailed Features:
1. Massage your face with several small Germanium Particles
2. Promote face blood circulation
3. Activate skin cells metabolism, make skinning and firm
4. Prevent wrinkles and delay ageing
5. Restrain the product of melanin
6. Keep facial skin elasticity
7. Handy massager dedicated for eye zone beauty
8. Small portable gadget can be carried around in handbag
Health effects of Germanium
The estimated daily intake is around 1 mg, and there have been claims that Germanium could be beneficial to health, although this has never been proved scientifically. A high intake of Germanium was supposed to improve the immune system, boost the body's Oxygen supply, make a person feel more alive and destroy damaging free radicals. In addition was said to protect the user against radiation.
Effects of short-term exposure: The substance irritates the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract. The substance may cause effects on the blood, resulting in lesions of blood cells. Exposure may result in death.
Germanium powder as a rare metal, has a health effect on the human body, can be used for all types of health and beauty products. Germanium has the dehydrogenation ability to be able to enable the body to maintain adequate oxygen, thereby increasing the blood oxygen content, and safeguard human health. Protection of red blood cells, resistance to external rays. Germanium with the body’s waste; with the vessel wall in vivo and in excess of the protein and cancer cells will be adsorbed, 20 ~ 30 hours later, the germanium carrying those waste, will be automatically discharged from the body. On the other hand, it can help to activate enzymes, promote cell metabolism, and maintain the skin delicate sheen.
Sensitive to Germanium should stop using.
Having wound on skin should not contact the roller
Avoid of cleaning with water instead of alcohol
With heart disease, using heart monitor inside body avoid using

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