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magnetic quilt

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US $ 30 / pc

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13 pc

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Product Description

Material: high elasticity cotton fibre, powerful magnets Packing: OPP bag Effect: Permeate the points of the chest, stimulate circulation to end stasis, balance the acid-base equilibrium, control the deposition of the gallbladder, promote steatolysis, improve blood circulation, increase blood current capacity

Health care royal quilt with medical magnets & Tourmaline provides warmness & antibacterial function , 1,200GS magnets positioned following human body points, refined material of Tourmaline fiber, pure cotton, far infrared fiber, etc., help recover broken tissue, cure & guard against multiple diseases.Inner structure of multi-function layer:1.Pure cotton decorative cloth layer.2.Lake blue identified cloth layer.3.Tourmaline function fiber layer.4.Tourmaline protection layer.5.Magnetic stones protection cloth layer.6.Bipolar permanent magnetic stones layer.7.Lake blue identified cloth layer.8.Antibacterial acarus-resistant far infrared pure cotton quilt cover.9.Attachment: compound far infrared feather quilt core.

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